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© Turkestan 2016

A new space
for new ideas

Our new shop format is the gallery. It is the best way in order to offer the artistic attributes of our carpets.

© Turkestan 2016

At the right place
on the right carpet

Behind each carpet there is an authentic story, a unique origin and a specific culture. Each carpet is, inevitably, unrepeatable.

© Turkestan 1932

We know a century is more
than a hundred years

During its long career, Turkestan has adapted itself to each period to reach its main goal: bringing new designs and textures to its audience.

© Zollanvari International

Warp and weft

We like to stand close to the most creative and influential people in the textile world to be able to ‘hunt’ the most innovative trends. This has given us the chance to introduce original carpets in Barcelona.

© Zollanvari International

A specially personal and
personally special selection

Our carpet selection is our hallmark. Each one of them has been selected after a careful evaluation.

© Zollanvari International

The difference is
in their hands

Crafts are at our core. Each one of Turkestan’s carpets has been hand-knotted and, therefore, is unique and original.

We weave understanding
between cultures

We believe that the original designs coming from regions with long carpet-tradition complement and enhance our culture.

© Zollanvari International

Quality is always
the guiding thread

After more than a hundred years living with carpets, we give great importance to the quality of their materials.

© Zollanvari International

Personally close
intentionally small

We are a company with a close relationship with our clients. We believe that reciprocal trust is essential in order to properly feel our carpets.

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