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Karabagh or Kuba Zejwa

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April 2021

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Caucasus, Karabagh or Quba Zejwa,
Northeast Caucasus, Azerbaijan,
On the western shore of the Caspian Sea

Warps, wefts and knots in wool
Density: 70,000 knots / m2
Light texture

Measurements: 187x397cm.

Age: ca. 1920

The rugs from the Caucasus are characterized by markedly geometric designs.



Four large toothed floral medallions, with a very balanced chromatic composition of soft colors, decorated with plant and animal motifs, stand out against the black background, surrounded by the design known as Ram's Horn, very characteristic of some groups of Caucasian rugs.

The background is full of small medallions, geometric, floral and animal motifs, mainly figures of birds, a total of 70, which are also paired in the medallions. Four human figures on the sides of the end medallions, which used to indicate that the weaver was pregnant, and to try to influence the gender of the baby. On the other hand, it could also be the way to illustrate other aspects of his life, as a representation of one or more fellows of the tribal group.

The main border, richly decorated with intertwined geometric motifs and embellished with a floral motif, is framed by two secondary borders with floral motifs and a second with the characteristic positive / negative motif.

The density of the background design with stylized animals and flowers is a source of endless fascination for the viewer.

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